Duke Splash
Welcome to Duke Splash, a student-run organization

Teacher registration for Splash Fall 2017 is now closed! Thank you to all of you for teaching with us! We are super excited to have all of your classes!

Click here to view/modify your classes!

Splash is an amazing opportunity for middle and high school students to learn from passionate undergraduate and graduate students. The topic? Anything you want! It can be academic; it can be extracurricular. Teach how to make a video game. Teach how to write a sonnet. Shoot, teach how to be a stand-up comedian!

Examples of past classes include: Efficiency in Economics, Stage Fighting, Genome Sequencing, Introduction to Human Rights, Algorithms for Awesome, How Not To Be Awkward, Origami, Linear Algebra, Skyscrapers, History of Europe, and so many more!

Teach what you love! Expand your interests and your creativity! It's thanks to all of our wonderful student teachers that we are able to bring such an amazing experience to so many children in the community so thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Splash!!

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