Teacher Registration is now open!!

Student registration for Fall 2019 Splash is now closed!

New this year! We will be registering students on-site as well if you didn't get a chance to register in advance!

Click here to register or view your classes. New classes may be added occasionally in the days leading up to Splash, so make sure to check back regularly.

If the class you want is full, don't worry! We have a waitlist and you can always change your classes on the day of Splash in case of no-shows.

Click here to view last semester's Course Catalog.

Note: Duke Splash will be $5 this semester in order to help us to keep up with our expanding program and to ensure we have adequate supplies for teachers and students! Thank you so much for your support!
Duke Splash is all about creative and innovative learning. Come to Duke University's West Campus for the day and take fun, interactive classes taught by Duke students on everything from math proofs to Latin dance to Hemingway to how to make truffles.

Splash is a full day event, so please be sure to fill all time slots with classes. You may contact us at splash@duke.edu if you have concerns or circumstances that require you to leave early. If you have additional questions about forms, payment, drop off and pick up locations, class schedules, or Splash contacts, please click the MORE INFO tab at the top of this page.

Permission Forms

All students must fill out and bring the appropriate forms, found here with them on the day of Splash.

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